Here they are: the “sommarpratare” for the summer of 2011! One of the newbies is famous soccer player Henke Larsson (who has previously said no to participating).
“There will be a few dark moments,” Larsson said at the press conference presenting the hosts.

“Sommar” is one of the most popular Swedish radio programs ever, and has been broadcast every summer on channel P1 since 1959 (before 1993, it aired on P3). The idea came from Tage Danielsson, who was the then head of radio entertainment at Sveriges Radio. The different “Sommar” hosts hold personal programs where they talk about anything they like and pick the music themselves. They are referred to as “sommarpratare” (Summer speakers), and they range from celebrities to politicians, from scientists to authors and athletes.


This year you can look forward to listening to: Lars Ohly (party chairman of the Swedish Left Party), Carl Bildt (Swedish Moderate politician, foreign minister and diplomate), Birgitta Ohlsson (politician, member of the Liberal People’s Party currently serving as Minister for European Union Affairs in the Swedish government), Helena Bergström (actress), Petra Marklund (aka September, singer and songwriter) and the new leader of the Social Democrats, Håkan Juholt. Famous chef Leif Mannerström will talk about his amazing job, when it is his turn: “It’s a declaration of love for my work,” he said.

Tradition states that author and journalist Lars Ulvenstam is the last “sommarpratare” every season. The program’s themesong “Sommar, sommar, sommar” was composed in 1951 by Sten Carlberg with lyrics by Eric Sandström. It is broadcast on P1 daily between June 19 and August 14 at 1:05 pm (with a repeat at 10:15 pm). The programs can be listened to or downloaded at the Swedish Radio's web page for 30 days after they have been broadcast. Since 2005, listeners can subscribe to the program through a transmitted podcast.

For more info, see Sommar i Sveriges Radio P1