Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has called the Norway shooting attack “inconceivable”, and he has pleaded for people to defend democracy and respect all political views as a response to the attacks.

“The inconceivable has hit our neighbors in Norway with the death of more than 90 people,” Reinfeldt said. “A lone suspect has been arrested for what is probably the worst violence in modern Nordic history.” He continued: “A difficult ordeal is now awaiting Norwegian society. But the questions will come also to us here in Sweden. The hunt for an answer, the wish to understand, the anger and the fear over the fact that somebody is capable of doing this to others. (…) Our task is to show another way. A way to gather, a way for people to meet in churches and in communities.”


He urged people to “stand up for what is important: respect for each other, taking care of each other, defending democracy, openness, and respecting anyone who is politically active." Sweden has taken measures to protect sensitive facilities, but the domestic intelligence service has not raised the terror alert level.