Bleak August for shoes
Sales of clothes went down with 3.5% during the month of August, and for shoes the situation was even worse – sales decreased with 5.3%, according to Svensk Handel Stil’s blixtindex.

Svensk Handel is the Swedish Trade Federation and Stil is the department for those within the shoes, clothes, textiles, accessories etc business. So far this year, sales of clothes have decreased with 4.3%, while sales of shoes have increased with 0.1%. According to Mikael Sandström, chairman of Svensk Handel Stil, it’s clear that customers are more careful with their wallets.


“The sales of clothes continue to go down even in August, but the shoe business decrease was something we expected after last year’s August increase with 15%,” he writes in a commentary. According to Sandström the dropping sales are all due to the economical situation.