Shrinking Kebnekaise
Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, is shrinking and all because of the climate change. Situated in the Kiruna municipality in Lappland, northern Sweden, Kebnekaise has been measured carefully for decades, and now its Sydtoppen (the highest peak, since it is a glacier) is slowly melting away.

The four glaciers in the Tarfaladalen in the Kebnekaise Mountains are the most studied glaciers in the world, according to the website of Stockholm University. The University has a Research Station at an altitude of 1135 meters (3723 feet) above sea level in the Tarfala Valley.


The measurements during the 1960's were very precise and at the end of the 1960's Sydtoppen reached its highest, measured at 2120 meters (6955 feet). After 1996, however, the peak started to diminish in height and volume and is now at a constant low level. 

When Sweden's highest peak was measured in 2009 it was 2104 meters (6902 feet) above sea level according to the Swedish public service company, SVT.