More and more Swedes choose to bike all year around, in spite of the weather.

“The trend continues – more people bike all year around,” says Klas Elm, Chairman of Svensk Cykling, an organization whose purpose it is to get more Swedes to bike more often. For the past years, almost half a million new bicycles have been sold each year in Sweden. And of course the bike has a number of benefits.


“It’s easy to get around with, you don’t get stuck in traffic, it’s free and you get a workout,” Klas continues. “Today’s bikers spend money on their bikes and accessories for their bikes.” Also many Swedish municipalities work ambitiously to make it easier to bike, bike lanes are kept clear of snow.

“That’s a just claim,” says Klas. “In Stockholm, 150 000 people bike everyday.” If you want to bike even in the darker, harsher seasons, you have to make sure you have a good light for your bike, so that you can see.