Only every other Swede wants to remain at home for Christmas, while those who want to travel abroad want to go somewhere nice and warm and forget about the holiday stress.

Almost 50% of the Swedish population would travel abroad to get away from the hysteria, if they could. When 6,575 people answered online questions, it turned out 57% want to celebrate in Sweden, while 43% wouldnít mind going somewhere warm.

What is it these people want to get away from? Only 1 in 10 wants to escape difficult relatives, so itís mostly the stress around Christmas thatís the driving force. And going abroad for New Yearís is even more popular. Magdalena ÷hrn, Information Officer at the travel agency Ving, says: ďWe see a clear trend that many want to celebrate New Yearís somewhere else, weíve had a higher pressure booking New Year trips this year than ever before.Ē

Among those who answered the questionnaire, 79% said theyíd prefer to celebrate New Yearís on a sunny beach, 15% wanted to go to a big city, and 4% to a ski resort.