If you’ve just moved to the capital of Sweden, there’s good news for you. Stockholm stadsmuseum (the Stockholm City Museum) offers a new way of getting to know the city called the Venice of the North. “

Of course a city museum must greet newcomers,” says Ingrid Severin, director of Faktarummet at the museum.


“If you want to know more about Stockholm, then we have good keys for that kind of information.” The goal is to get visitors to experience Stockholm in a new fashion. The Faktarummet offers a piece of the city’s history, buildings, people and much, much more.

“On our webpage there’s a collection of links that you can check out,” Severin says. There are also ways to get to know people who are also new to the city. Meetings in the café will be arranged with several of the staff present. “If you’ve lived here for ten years but still would like to know more about Stockholm, or just meet people, then you, too, are welcome. There are no limits on how long you’ve lived here to join in.” The Faktarummet is open several times a week and welcomes all kinds of visitors interested in Stockholm’s history.

The Café for newcomers is open on Thursdays April 12 and May 3 at 5-7 pm.