Wine with your hot dog
It looks like Östermalmsgrillen, a hot dog place at Östermalmstorg, will be given permission to serve wine and liquor this coming summer. Östermalm’s district committee said in a statement that they see no reason in turning down the proposal.

The owner of the grill wants to offer alcohol since many tourists are asking for it, and also because of growing competition in the area. Since January 1, 2011, there’s a new alcohol law in Sweden, which makes it easier to offer wine and liquor at places like the Östermalmsgrillen.


Don't expect wine at every Swedish so-called gatukök however, we hear you need to offer service at the table, a certain amount of tables, and a more voluminous menu than your regular fast food establishment.

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable in Sweden. Napa Valley dives often serve a Zinfandel with your burger, so... not a bad idea (just leave out the räksallad!) No need for the ghastly Swedish alcohol free schnapps

Another sign of more liberal liquor laws in Sweden was last year when people living at old peoples’ homes were given the right to a glass of wine with their food or a schnapps to their herring. The law has changed so that it is allowed to serve alcohol there without special permissions. “If one during a whole life has had a glass of wine for Sunday dinner, one should be allowed to have it when living at the old peoples' home as well,” said Kenneth Johansson Parliament Member (of the 'Riksdag') for the Center Party at the time this was discussed in Parliament.

The concept of schnapps or snaps may be new to you. Here's a brief explanation: Spice up your snaps! (And do what most Swedes do most of the time, enjoy responsibly!)