Can you imagine Stockholm’s inner city filled with… skyscrapers? The architecture firm Visiondivision wants to transform the Swedish capital to a Manhattan of sorts.

With their idea “Stockholm stacked” they want to show that there really is space for some hundred skyscrapers in the core of the city. Something that’s needed as Stockholm is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. “We believe a few bombshells need to be thrown into the city debate,” says architect Anders Berensson.


“We are all for condensing the inner city. There are plenty of advantages with that. One, you save the green areas that surround the city, and two, communications are already functioning.” What’s needed however, is a simple change in the law, so that builders are allowed to build tall buildings on inner yards. Oppositions commissioner Tomas Rudin (Social Democrat), who himself suggested raising skyscrapers near Marieberg on Kungsholmen, gives the project thumbs down, though. Instead he suggests building on top of Stockholm’s subway stations.
“To bombard the city with tall buildings in the city’s inner yards is a fun and thought-provoking addition to the debate. We will need to build taller buildings in order to accommodate people, but we still have plenty of grounds to build upon. The suggestion is also a bit fixated on the inner city. I could see building beautiful tall buildings in other places.” For more information:

And Stockholm is growing... fast! Every fourth Swede in Stockholm!