This year's glögg
Every year since 2003, Blossa issues a special glögg for Christmas. Last year the taste was coffee, the year before it was saffron, in 2009 clementine, 2008 blueberry and so on. Now it can be revealed that the taste for 2012 is ginger and a Japanese citrus fruit called yuzu. Hmm, wonder how well that’ll go with the saffron bun? A little exotic touch to the julbord? The name of Blossa’s 2012 glögg is appropriately Yuzu Ingefära (Yuzu Ginger), and it comes in a bottle that will bring cherry blossoms to mind. Yuzu is a fruit that has grown in Japan since the days of the Samurais, and it tastes a bit like grapefruit and mandarin. You can order Blossa’s glögg as of September 14.