Attack on Jewish community in Malmö
Two 18-year old men have been arrested on suspicion of the recent attack against the Jewish community in Malmö. Says information officer Cindy Schönström-Larsson at Skånepolisen: “They are suspected of serious damage and for good reason.”
The men are known previously to police for lesser drug crimes. It was an explosive device that detonated in front of a Jewish community center in Malmö early in the morning September 28, and no injuries were reported. The blast blew out some windows and caused damage to the front door of the building. The explosion was heard several blocks away, according to Swedish media outlet Världen Idag.
Said Fred Kahn, President of the Jewish Community, to TT news agency: "Jewish institutions in Sweden are under constant threat, but we have not noticed anything out of the ordinary recently."
President of the Council of Jewish Communities in Sweden, Lena Posner-Körösi, believes those who carried out the recent attack had anti-Semitic motives.
Malmö has seen a surge in hate crimes against its 600-strong Jewish community. The assaults have ranged from verbal abuse to desecration of a synagogue and a Jewish cemetery. The local Chabad rabbi, Shneur Kesselman, claims to have personally experienced around 90 anti-Semitic incidents since moving to Malmö seven years ago. Earlier this month the word "Palestine" was scratched onto the side of his car. Many of Malmö's Jews, especially younger ones, have left the city for Stockholm, Israel, London and the U.S..

Nordstjernan earlier covered the increase of anti-Semitism in Sweden along with the inadequate attention it has received from authorities: "J'accuse 2.0'