In Swedish history: January 20
1156: According to a legend, the Swedish bishop Henrik is killed by the farmer Lalli on the ice covering Lake Kjulo in Finland. Bishop Henrik had come to Finland a year prior on a crusade along with the Swedish king Erik den helige (Erik the Holy).

Even though today experts believe there’s very little truth to this legend, Henrik eventually became Finland’s patron saint and he’s buried in Åbo Cathedral. So who was he, this Bishop Henrik? Born in England, he was a medieval English clergyman, who came to Sweden in 1153. He might have been sent to organize the Church of Finland, where Christians had existed already at least two centuries. Together with his alleged murderer Lalli, Henrik remains one of the most recognized figures from the early history of Finland; his feast continues to be celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church of Finland, and he is commemorated in several Protestant liturgical calendars as well. Bishop Henrik (Saint Henrik) is celebrated on January 19, which is also the name day for Henrik.