February 20 in Swedish History
1928: A telephone line between Sweden and the U.S. is officially opening. The first calls between Stockholm and New York had already taken place on November 29, 1927, however. The first ever transatlantic telephone call was made via radio from New York to London on January 7, 1927.

Transatlantic telephone service was at the time radio-based. Putting down an actual telephone cable demanded a number of technological advances, which did not arrive until the 1940s. Today of course, all cables use fiber optic technology.


The Swedish end was Kongl. Telegrafverket (founded in 1853 as Konglige Elektriska Telegraf-Werket - literally: Royal Electric Telegraph Agency), later changed to Kungl. Telegrafverket in 1903. The Kungliga (Royal) was dropped in 1946 and the name was further modernized to Televerket in 1953. The company was renamed Telia during its privatization in 1992-93 and is now part of the TeliaSonera corporation.