January 27 in Swedish History
1977: Swedish Argentine girl Dagmar Hagelin (born 1959) disappears in Buenos Aires. It is during the Dirty War (a period of state terrorism in Argentina during the 1970’s), and Dagmar is presumed to have been arrested by security forces and killed in a case of mistaken identity. Her father, Swedish Argentine businessman Ragnar Hagelin, has ever since then worked to have the responsible people be put to justice, accusing maritime commando Alfredo Astiz. Astiz was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity in Argentina between the years 1976-83, in October 2011. Dagmar’s father commented to Swedish media on the sentence that he, "couldn't describe the happiness he felt that after 34 years of struggles, Dagmar's killer would finally pay for his crimes". Ragnar Hagelin currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Dagmar Hagelin and Svante Grände are the two known Swedish victims of the Dirty War during Argentina’s military regime.