Immigration becomes more important in Swedish politics
The governing alliance is getting somewhat stronger since the last poll as are the Sweden Democrats. The issues on people's minds have changed a great deal, however.
The immigration issue has become a more important issue to Swedish voters, according to a survey done by Novus for TV4. In a similar survey made a year ago, immigration was the 11th most important issue, today it has climbed up to the sixth spot on the list of what voters feel are most important. 43% feel it’s the most important issue, however topping the list is still health care, school and education as well as employment/unemployment (76, 72, and 63% respectively).

In last year’s study, retirement was the sixth most important issue, but it has since fallen down to the 10th spot. Apart from that, there are no dramatic differences in the studies. Most Swedes say the Social Democrats is the party with the best immigration policies (20%), last year 11% felt that way. All in all 14% felt the Social Democrats was the best party, and that hasn’t changed. 39% say they cannot answer the question. The study was done during the period January 10 to 16, and was based on 1000 interviews with people in the ages 18-79.


Read the entire report (in Swedish) or see the sequence on Sweden's TV4 here:|[TV4/Novus Väljarbarometer januari: Sverigedemokraterna tredje största parti