Because he cancelled his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin following Moscow’s decision to grant temporary asylum to Edward Snowden, U.S. President Barack Obama is now planning a visit to Sweden instead. He will travel to Stockholm, making it the first ever “truly bilateral” meeting between American and Swedish leaders, according to Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. An American press statement announced that the visit will take place on September 4-5, praising Sweden for “advancing clean technologies, and promoting environmental sustainability”. However, Sweden also represents a link to another fugitive that the U.S. is interested in: Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder. “This is a good time to discuss the political and financial development in the world with President Obama, and to put forth Swedish opinions,” says Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. “I look forward to discussions regarding the conditions for trade, the need for reform, and the economic situation in Europe and the world.” Said Fernando Cutz, Presidential Management Fellow at the National Security Staff at the White House: “Sweden is a close friend of the U.S. and plays a key part on the international stage. Sweden will be an important ally in the American and European Union’s transatlantic trade and investment cooperation, so that’s something the President will want to discuss. He also looks forward to talking about how to better utilize clean technology and emphasize environmentally sustainable alternatives.” Prime Minister Reinfeldt’s Press Secretary Markus Friberg confirms that Obama is visiting: “We are very happy that he is coming. Fredrik has invited him before on a couple of occasions. As has Carl Bildt. This is the first time a current American president visits Sweden bilaterally.”