Father's Day in Sweden
Fathers Day began in the U.S. in 1910 and reached Scandinavia around the 1930s.

On Fathers Day in Sweden, dads might be treated to lunch and dinner, either at favorite restaurant or sporting event; often it is a home cooked dinner with the family.

This year, just in time for Father's Day, a new record has been set in Sweden for the oldest father ever ó a dad in Stockholm just became a parent for the first time at the age of 80.


Swedenís most common dad is named Lars, and he has two children. On Sunday he and other Swedish fathers (around 2.5 million) are celebrated as it is Fatherís Day in Sweden.

According to Statistics Sweden, as many as 89,009 dads in Sweden were named Lars (also counting middle name, the number of Lars's increase to 230,504) .

"There have been few changes since," says Linus Johansson, statistician at Statistics Sweden. "Lars is the clear leader." And after Lars comes the name Anders, and after Anders comes Per as most common fathers' names. Most common name among first time fathers? Thatís Johan, and the average age of the first time father in Sweden is 31.5 years.

Lars may be common among Swedish names today but the more uncommon names are becoming more common ... Thinking about names for your baby? Did you consider Tequila, Five or..? and yet, Most popular names for newborns seem to still be names we remember and recognize.