More needs rejected
The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has been sharpening its regulations for assistance benefits since 2008. This means that fewer needs are thought of as basic, and that these needs also are reviewed every other year. The number of rejections increased by nearly 50% mmediately following the change in the regulations. Since then an increasing number of people have been granted fewer hours of assistance than before. In 2008, the number of hours granted decreased in 281 cases, in 2011 all of 823 applicants were granted fewer hours than before, according to a report from Inspektionen för socialförsäkringen. The same year, 2011, 253 applicants were turned down because their basic needs were not deemed to exceed 20 hours a week. This is more than five times more than in 2007, when 52 applicants were rejected for the same reason.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency = Försäkringskassan, in Swedish.