Swedes and the work environment
According to an annual survey of the conditions on 62 job sites, many things look like they might be going in the wrong direction. Stress at work is still one of the issues receiving most criticism in the survey conducted by Netigate.
The statement ”the working hours are not enough for me to complete my job” gets a 3.41 rating out of 5 possible.

”Stress is a problem that is taken seriously at my work” receives a 3.13 rating. Those are the two lowest ratings in the survey, even though stress seems to have decreased somewhat during the past years, judging by the survey. There’s also a sharp distinction depending on how long a person has been employed. Those who have been employed by the same employer for more than three years are very critical toward their employers regarding stress.
The physical work environment also receives criticism in comparison to previous years.
Young people (ages 20 to 30) have higher demands for variety and challenges at work, and want to be able to develop within the company. The younger Swedes are also more unhappy with the cleanliness of the work space. Services like IT support get high ratings.
The survey covered 7,000 people at 62 work places and this was the sixth consecutive year the study was conducted. The response rate was about 80 percent.