Big news in Sweden for American expats! A Dunkin' Donuts has recently opened in Stockholm ó expats are thrilled and Swedes were keen to see what all the fuss was about. Suddenly my Facebook newsfeed was inundated with photos of donuts and the Dunkiní Donut coffee-cups-to-go.

I was overjoyed to hear the news as well, but because I live in Gothenburg, a Dunkiní Donuts in Stockholm isnít going to benefit me much unless I take a five hour train ride to the Swedish capital.Ö I have actually considered this journey, but I know itís just a matter of time until the American coffee franchise comes to Gothenburg.


However, as my taste buds were exploding, I seriously thought about a Dunkiní Donuts in Sweden. Sweden is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world, and Iíve gotten pretty used to the dark rich taste of Swedish coffee. I greatly appreciate being able to sit outside on a spring day drinking a cup of cafe latte watching the people go by. I like frequenting the independent coffee shops here in the city and I wondered if my love of the big DD was perhaps waning. Would I still love the beloved super-saturated sugary taste of that which I was used to in the U.S.?

In Gothenburg there are a number of cozy coffee shops offering espressos and cafe lattes that would please even the pickiest of coffee connoisseurs. One in particular is located at Vallgatan 5. Da Matteo. Across the way is Da Matteoís Rosteri which is especially fine ó and in some cases even more enjoyable then the Vallgatan 5 venue.

A large espresso, with steamed milk, served in the slightly bohemian atmosphere of Da Matteo is an indulgent and delightful experience. Here you will not be seated among a franchised group of tourists, but honest-to-god local Swedes who enjoy a good fika and an assortment of baked goods with which to pass a few hours with friends, or study the pages of a good book.

Did I mention that Da Matteo serves up what has been voted as one of the best coffee shops in THE WORLD? How could Dunkiní Donuts possibly compete with that? The Rosteri provides a dark and cozy environment with speciality coffee items ó beans, grinders and cups ó lining the walls. The staff at both venues are lovely and as warm as the candles burning along the window sills.

Having said all this, if and when Dunkiní Donuts comes to Gothenburg, will I be there? You bet. Itís a taste from home.

By Lisa Mikulski