The governing center-left coalition’s leaders are, for the Social Democrats: Stefan Löfven (since 2012) Present Prime Minister; The Greens: Gustav Fridolin (since 2011) Minister for Education; The Greens: Åsa Romson (since 2011) Minister for Climate and Environment.

and, between the two blocks: The far left (which commonly supports S) The Left Party: Jonas Sjöstedt (since 2012) and the far right; Sweden Democrats: Jimmie Åkesson (since 2005) both parties with only peripheral influence today after the governing parties reached an unprecedented agreement with the four alliance parties at the end of December.


The four parties of the alliance:The Moderates: Anna Kinberg Batra (since Jan. 10, 2015, succeding former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt), former Group Leader for the moderates in parliament; The Centre Party: Annie Lööf (since 2011), Minister for Enterprise in the former government of the Alliance;The Liberals: Jan Björklund (since 2007), former Minister for Education; The Christian Democrats Göran Hägglund (since 2004), former Minister for Social Affairs.

FI, the Feminist Initiative. Just like the Green party, the Feminist Initiative doesn’t have a leader although Gudrun Schyman, driving force and founder remains at the core of the party. Spokespersons, L-R: Gudrun Schyman, Sissela Nordling Blanco, Stina Svensson. Photo: Susanne Sandström/FI

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