We hope you’ve enjoyed the recent messages about Volvo’s renaissance. In upcoming issues, you’ll gain a glimpse of the all-new XC90, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Torslanda Plant in Göteborg, and learn about how a Volvo drives itself.
     With summer behind us, Volvo Cars of North America and its retailers are celebrating the arrival of our 2015 line-up—all with the new Drive-E engines, offering no-compromise performance and class-leading fuel economy of 37 MPG highway and 29 MPG combined.
     Also new as standard equipment for 2015 is our latest innovation: Sensus Connect. More than just an in-car technology suite, Sensus Connect is a philosophy that connects you to your car and everything around it. Using an Ericsson cloud-based solution, Sensus Connect is designed to give you information, entertainment and support just when you need them, allowing you to effortlessly and instinctively control and personalize every aspect of your drive.
     We now offer cloud- and app-based services to make your travels – and life – easier and more enjoyable. The Volvo On Call smartphone app provides remote engine start, vehicle lock and unlock. You can even program the day’s destination into the Volvo’s navigation while you have breakfast in the comfort of your kitchen.

Power to control, and peace of mind
Audio apps like Pandora, Rdio & Stitcher will provide your music through our Harman Kardon Sound System. Whether you’re out of town, searching for a local restaurant via voice-controlled navigation or checking reviews or calling home—everything is controlled with your voice.
     Your young driver is out for the night, and you need a little peace of mind. Volvo On Call has one-touch connection to services that provide emergency support, roadside assistance and theft recovery. Late for a meeting? With the Glympse app, you can let colleagues know when you will arrive. This is all managed by a WiFi hotspot right from your Volvo. Internet is delivered through the in-car modem and integrated rooftop antenna. The WiFi’s hotspot range extends beyond the vehicle, too, making it perfect for trips where you can enjoy nature and technology at the same time. Go ahead and connect your smartphone, tablet or computer to the car, for everyone in the car.


We need your voice
We’ll continue these advertorials monthly through Nordstjernan to provide you a clear vision of the transformation at Volvo of Sweden. After reading these through it’s clear that Volvo is leading the way in many critical areas of the automotive marketplace, but getting our story known in today’s complex media environment is tricky.
     Here is where I need you. I am North Holbrook, in charge of Fleet Sales and a Volvo man for over 25 years. I’ve never been prouder of our brand than I am today, and I know from my own experience that one of the most compelling influences on automotive purchasing is word of mouth from family and friends. I hope you are, or will be, a Volvo ambassador and help us tell the Volvo Story. Our cars today, as well as those coming in the near future, are class-leading and go beyond what is expected from Volvo. But at our heart, we are a car company that is designed around YOU.
North Holbrook
Manager Fleet Sales
Volvo Cars of N.A.

Learn more at www.volvocars.com/us


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