Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Ola Ullsten, died on May 28. He was 86. Ullsten was born Stig Kjell Olof (Ola) Ullsten in Umeċ in 1931, the son of a forestry inspector and school teacher. He served as a cabinet minister in Sweden’s then first non-Social-Democrat-led government in four decades in 1976. He was the leader of the Liberal People’s Party and took over as prime minister after the Centre-Moderate-Liberal coalition government broke apart over the future of nuclear power plants in Sweden. His time as prime minister was short, 1978 to 1979, but his term marks the first and only Swedish government wholly run by the Liberal Party since the 1930s. He continued to lead the Liberal People's Party until 1983 then was an ambassador to Canada 1984-1989 and Italy 1989-1996.