New Swedish words.
Birgitta Lindgren is the new-word editor at Språkrådet. Every year Språkrådet makes a list of new Swedish words. "We try to get a variation of words, from several different areas," she says. The words come from people around Sweden who read newspapers, and Språkrådet then analyzes them. "Some seem too old, other aren't interesting enough. When we're done we have a list of approximately 40 words," continues Lindgren. Some of the new Swedish words from 2008 are KALSONGBADARE: This is the latest fad - many boys wear their underwear underneath their swimwear when they go swimming, and are thus kalsongbadare. Other words are PLASTIS and SKYNKA (which comes from the word skynke (veil or cloth) as it is used during protests and demonstrations). Just because a word makes this list, however, doesn't necessarily mean it will make it into the Svenska Akademiens ordlista.

The people of 2008.
They came, they were seen, and they conquered. Or they fought. Or they surprised. Here are some of the people Sweden talked about in 2008. Anchor of the year: Rikard Palm at SVT's Rapport. Palm was removed from prime time TV after having made mistakes such as saying "earth cake" instead of "earth quake". Debater of the year: Maria Sveland, author of the much-debated feminist book "Bitterfittan". This year's "going against the stream": Camilla Lundberg, member of the Swedish parliament, Liberal Party. Lundberg was the only one from the right-winged parties to vote against the so-called FRA law last June. Fighter of the year: Charlotte Perrelli, who competed in Melodifestivalen for the second time (the first time, in 1999, she won) and came in on the 18th spot with her song "Hero". Perrelli also recently separated from her husband.

A knowledgeable politician.
What’s most important in a politician? Well, if you ask the Swedes – which the tabloid daily Expressen did – the most important characteristic is to be knowledgeable (50% thought so); 42% felt trustworthiness was the most important, 6% said looks and 2% said “something else”.

Nominations for Guldbaggen.
The nominations for Guldbaggen (Sweden’s equivalent of the Oscar) are out. For best film: De ofrivilliga/Involuntary, Låt den rätte komma in/Let the Right One In, Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick/Everlasting Moments. For best director: Tomas Alfredsson (Låt den rätte komma in), Jan Troell (Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick), Ruben Östlund (De ofrivilliga). Best actress in a leading role: Lena Endre (for her part in Himlens hjärta), Maria Heiskanen (for her part in Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick) and Cecilia Milocco (for her part in De ofrivilliga). Best actor in a leading role: Mikael Persbrandt (for his part in Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick), Gustaf Skarsgård (for his part in Patrik 1,5), and Peter Stormare (for his part in Varg).

Hollywood glamour at the castle.
Princesses Victoria and Madeleine lent some good old-fashioned Hollywood glamour to the royal castle, when the King – as is his tradition – invited the Nobel Prize Winners for dinner. Crown princess Victoria wore a powder pink, gray and white silk dress with a train, and princess Madeleine wore a lacy dress in a deep forest green. Both were looking as lovely as can be. And what did the King serve the Nobel Winners you wonder? How about Scallop Saint-Jacques with celeriac and a compote made of mushrooms, poached turbot, tartar and potato purée, grapes and roasted almond. Rest assured nobody left the table hungry.