Reinfeldt meets with President Obama.
Representing the EU presidency, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt met with President Barack Obama yesterday. The two leaders co-chair the EU-USA Summit today, Tuesday Nov. 3. The agenda includes issues such as climate change and the road to Copenhagen, the global economic and financial crisis and follow-up of the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh as well as Afghanistan and Iran. When the two met privately, President Obama praised Reinfeldt and the way he attacks climate questions and how Sweden plays a leading part. “We must work together in reaching the goal of controlling climate change,” said Reinfeldt sitting in an armchair next to Obama during a press conference where no questions were allowed. Reinfeldt has already stated that he feels America is politically divided when it comes to climate questions, and that that poses an obstacle. Obama thanked Sweden and the European Union for important contributions that add to the stability in Afghanistan (there are 500 Swedish soldiers there, and 30,000 other European soldiers).

Swede wanted in bribery case arrested in LA.
Police in Los Angeles have arrested a Swedish businessman wanted on charges of attempting to bribe a Stockholm police chief. Authorities took Björn Höglund into custody following a raid on the home of Swedish actress Anna-Karin Eskilsson, who plays the lead in an upcoming biopic about Greta Garbo. When police discovered Höglund hiding in Eskilsson’s apartment, the businessman first tried to elude capture by escaping in a car, leading police on a wild car chase through the streets of Hollywood before they finally arrested him on Friday afternoon. Höglund's arrest means the long-delayed bribery trial against Tage Åström, the disgraced former head of the Stockholm police department’s organized crime division, is one step closer to continuing. Åström was arrested in 2007 on suspicions he was cooperating with members of the so-called Poker Gang, a group of crooked businessmen suspected of laundering money earned from online gaming sites. On Sunday, the actress Eskilsson was tightlipped about her role in the dramatic arrest of one of Sweden’s most-wanted white-collar criminals. “I have no comment,” she said.

Rich girls drink most
Good neighborhoods, drinking buddies and parents with no control - that’s the biggest risk factors for over consumption of alcohol among young girls in Stockholm. “People in affluent neighborhoods are much more tolerant,” says Julia Sandahl, in charge of the investigation. “The worst neighborhood is Östermalm, but the entire inner city is quite bad.” According to Sandahl, the problem is greater in Stockholm than the rest of the country, where alcohol consumption among the young is actually declining. And the profile of the young girls who drinks looks like this: She lives in a good neighborhood, she is looking for excitement, she smokes and stays out all night, her parents have no idea where she is or who her friends are, they give her alcohol at home. She starts drinking at an early age and has problems at school.

Fright night for moose in west Sweden
The moose population in the county of Halland, western Sweden, took somewhat of a blow on Friday evening as six animals died in the space of an hour, after colliding with traffic in separate incidents. Just north of Kungsbacka, two collisions were reported only 1,600 ft (500 meters) apart from each other. Police are at a loss to explain why so many accidents happened in such a short space of time in one evening. ”You often hear that elks tend to move about more at dusk or dawn,” Dan Lewstam, from Halland police said.” ”But this was after five o clock in the evening when it was already dark outside." No people were reported to have been injured in the accidents. ('Moose' of the alces alces species, usually referred to as elk in Europe. A full grown animal can weigh between 600 and 1,600 lb - a collision is similar to colliding with a Smartcar, only much more damaging due to the height of the animal, up to 6-7 ft up to the animal's ahoulder.)