Tretorn has teamed up with to create a special “Save Saab” T-shirt. “We want to show our support and invite fellow Saab fans to join us. We hope that if enough people stand up for a brand they believe in, it might encourage the powers that be to save SAAB,” said Tretorn's Antonio Bertone. A final decision to sell or dissolve SAAB has been postponed several times by car not-so-giant-anymore General Motors. The most recent word is that the decision could come later this month or in early February.
The limited edition T-shirt is available at Tretorn Shop, NYC and on in sizes S-XL, while supplies last, for $24. A portion of the T-shirt sale goes to and its never tiring efforts to save the Swedish brand. Saab History is and independent outfit not affiliated with SAAB or GM. For more info see or go to