Swedish men have 15 sex partners
Average number of lovers remains steady for Swedish guys between 20 and 80 years of age. A new study released in September shows that the average Swedish man between 20 and 80 years of age has had 15 different sexual partners. Commissioned by a drug company, the report on men's sexual health confirms similar findings made a quarter century ago by the Swedish National Public Health Institute, and thereby concludes that the male sexual behavior in Sweden is essentially unchanged in recent decades. Other surveys that covered female sexual habits, to the contrary, showed that women's behavior has altered notably in the same time period. While seven percent of Swedish males responded that they had sex with so many partners that they had lost count, about a quarter of the fellows (27%) in the nation as a whole claimed that they had between one and four partners in their lives. Four percent said that they were virgins. Not unexpectedly, males in Stockholm most frequently fell into the group that reported having 50 sexual partners or more, although the national average for this "fifty-plus" frequency laid at 9%. Source: www.aftonbladet.se

Sex trick may deter bedbugs
Hope for bedbug infested cities... Male bedbugs are known to be indiscreet when it comes to mating, and they will mount any well fed bug they can see - regardless of age or gender. Researchers writing in the Swedish journal BMC Biology have discovered that immature bedbug nymphs who would be harmed by the traumatic insemination technique practiced by the males have the ability to release alarm pheromones to deter this unwanted attention. More to come on this...

Margot Wallström - Chairman of Lund University
Swedish Social Democratic politician Margot Wallström, currently holding the job as Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on Sexual Violence in Conflict has accepted the post as chairman for Lund University. Wallström will take her post when her job for the UN expires in February 2012. According to headmaster Per Eriksson, there’s a total support in the choice of Wallström. The mission is ultimately appointed by the government, but the government rarely goes against the suggestion of the headmaster.

Princess Madeleine flirting with Paris Hilton’s ex
His name is Stavros Niarchos, he’s 25 years old, a playboy and the son of a Greek shipping millionaire. But his claim to fame is that he used to be socialite Paris Hilton’s boyfriend (to be fair, he has also dated Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen – but he’s now single). When Princess Madeleine visited Greece a few weeks ago, for Prince Nikolaus’ wedding to Tatiana Blatnik, she met Niarchos. Madeleine and the Greek playboy have many friends in common, and thus had lots to discuss it seems. Last week Madeleine met him again, this time in New York City, where Madeleine is working for her mother’s charity organization World Childhood. The two were both at Le Bilbouqet restaurant, where Madeleine was having dinner with some friends. Victoria Silvstedt, the actress/model, was also there. New York Post, the newspaper, later reported that Niarchos flirted with Madeleine, who appeared “both fascinated and flattered”. Norwegian TV, Swiss paper Blick, German paper Bunte, and Finish daily Iltalehti were also speculating wildly about the flirting between the two. Unfortunately Niarchos has a reputation of not only dating difficult girls, but to often end up in all sorts of troubles; fights and the like. Although he has studied film, Niarchos spends most of his time living a jet-set life. Madeleine is staying with her friend Lovisa de Geer while in New York. Childhood is pleased to have her back: “We’re very happy that she is so actively involved with us,” said Childhood’s deputy secretary general Anna de Geer.