Shootings at immigrants in Malmö, Sweden?
Sadly, the police now believe they see a connection between 10-15 different shootings in Malmö over the last year since the same weapon has been used on many of the occasions. The main theory is that one and the same person is shooting against people he thinks look like immigrants. As late as Thursday night a 28 year old man was shot while waiting for the bus. His condition is reported to be stable. One persons has died from unexplained shootings in Malmö in the last year.

Stockholm library exhibition accused of anti-Semitism
Many have raised their voice against an ongoing exhibition at the Stockholm City Library that they claim is anti-Semitic. It is primarily one drawing that has aroused strong reactions. It shows an image of a Nazi soldier who in 1940 directed his weapon against a Jewish couple, next to an image Israeli soldier in 2010 pointing weapons against a Palestinian family. Stockholm City Library says that there are no plans to remove the drawing, despite claims of anti-Semitism.

Medical care in Sweden depends on geography
What type of care you receive after you’ve had a heart attack, depends on where in Sweden you live. Thus where in Sweden you live determines your chances of survival. According to daily Expressen, the quality index of Swedish hospitals shows how good or bad the hospitals are in giving the right kind of care at emergency coronary artery problems. At the bottom of the list, the mortality is higher. The hospitals at the top of the list save more lives. Anyone with a heart problem does best in getting him or herself to S:t Göran’s Hospital in Stockholm. That’s the hospital with the best care in all of Sweden. Ystad Hospital, on the other hand, is at the absolute bottom of the list, here the care is at its worst. 36,000 Swedes suffer heart attacks every year, and among them around 10,000 are fatal. But a giant problem seems to be the aftercare. Among those who have suffered a heart attack, 4,500 (12%) have a second heart attack within a year. With proper after care this could be avoided. Every third of those suffering heart attacks never reach the goals regarding cholesterol and high blood pressure – no help is offered in how to do so. It’s important, Expressen states, that Swedish health care takes the next step: Mending hearts isn’t enough, helping the sufferers not to get their hearts broken again is just as important.

Swedes praised for Gotterdammerung
Two Swedish Wagner voices are praised for this year’s best opera recording, and they are Katarina Dalayman and Lars Cleveman, both starring in Gotterdammerung. They won the 2010 Gramophone Awards in the category Best Opera Album. The Gramophone Awards were held in London to honor musicians who practice the classical arts. These awards are one of the most significant honors bestowed on recordings in the classical record industry, often referred to as the Oscars for classical music. The winners are selected annually by critics for the Gramophone magazine and various members of the industry, including retailers, broadcasters, arts administrators, and musicians. Currently both Dalayman and Cleveman can be seen (and heard) at the Royal Swedish Opera in “Andrea Chénier”.