Young people suffer cardiac insufficiency
More young people in Sweden are suffering from cardiac insufficiency. The increase during the last 20 years has tripled in the age group 18-34, and the reason has yet to be explained, though researchers believe risk factors such as obesity and alcoholism play parts in the problem. About 650 people fall ill annually and researchers at Sahlgrenska University Hospital are now beginning a national study on cardiac insufficiency in connection with pregnancy.

Most attractive hotel?
There’s definitely a hotel boom in Scandinavia. But which of all the newly built hotels is the most attractive? Bella Sky Comwell in Copenhagen with its 814 rooms is the biggest yet in the North, but Gothia Tower will surpass that when it opens its third tower in Göteborg in 2014. But Bella Sky and Gothia Tower aren’t the only spectacular hotels in Scandinavia. Nordstjernan noted earlier that Stockholm got over 1000 new hotel rooms in 2010, and some noteworthy new projects on the horizon are: Scandic Victoria Tower in Kista, Quality Hotel Arena in Solna and Radisson Blu Riverside in Göteborg. Which do you like best?

Eva Moberg has died
Writer and journalist Eva Moberg, daughter of author Vilhelm Moberg, has died at age 79. She died at her home in Stockholm, after a period of illness. Eva Moberg was the daughter of one of the greatest Swedish authors, but became famous entirely on her own merits. She started, in 1961, the modern equality debate in Sweden with her essay “Kvinnans villkorliga frigivning” (The conditional liberation of the woman). As a journalist, she wrote for Hertha, the Fredrika Bremer Association’s own paper, as well as for the paper Vi, and the daily Dagens Nyheter. Moberg also authored books, among them books for children and teenagers, as well as scripts for TV and comedies for stage. In 1975 she was awarded the Samfundet De Nios (The Nine Society – a Swedish literary society founded in 1913) literary award.

Low status in school leads to bad health
Schoolchildren with few friends and low status among their classmates; don’t enjoy as god a health later on in life. They run a higher risk getting hospitalized for psychic problems, alcohol-and drug abuse, as well as heart diseases and diabetes. This according to a dissertation from Stockholm University.