Öresund Bridge closed
The Öresund Bridge was forced to close today Friday June 3, due to electric problems in the bridge’s traffic system. The bridge was closed for two hours in both directions as the traffic could not be monitored. The train traffic across the bridge was also closed. On the Danish side, police was called in order to get the electric crossing gates down. The lines grew fast by the toll stations. “The lines are very, very long,” said Marcus Gullstrand from Malmö. “There are stewardesses on their way to Copenhagen airport stuck in taxis waiting. I don’t know if the meter is ticking for the guy in the cab ahead of me, for instance.”.

Train trouble
SJ (the Swedish State Railways) continues having problems. The other day a train from Göteborg to Stockholm stopped and remained standing still for two hours. The express train stopped outside of Flen, probably due to a sun curve; meaning the heat expanded the rail and made it lose its shape. The passengers were evacuated at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Unfortunately the incident made for more delays that evening.

Thumbs up for Lena!
Some time ago, Nordstjernan reported that it looked like Swedish actress Lena Endre was ready for Hollywood, now we can confirm it: Lena, who got her international breakthrough by playing Erika Berger in the Millenium films, has signed the dotted line and will now appear alongside Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Dern, and Amy Adams in a new Paul Thomas Anderson film tentatively titled “The Master”. The film is called a religious drama and is loosely based on the founder of the Scientologists, L. Ron Hubbard. Anderson, who previously directed “Magnolia” and “There Will be Blood”, has also written the script. The film will start shooting in a couple of weeks, and the premiere is set for 2013. Endre was born in Lidingö, Stockholm and had her breakthrough in the Swedish TV-series “Varuhuset” and “Lorry” in the 1980’s. Since then she has acted in a number of TV-series and movies, both in Sweden and Norway. She is perhaps best known for her part in the Liv Ullmann film “Trolösa” as well as her role as Katarina, the love interest for Wallander in the second TV series of that name.