Thousands of children 'missing' in Sweden
Over one thousand children who escaped to Sweden alone have gone missing during the past five years. Last year 317 children disappeared without a trace—close to double the amount of the year before, according to the program Kaliber in Sveriges Radio. The reason for the increase in missing children is unknown. Says Kristina Hallander Spångberg, director at Malmö border police: “These children are exposed to great risks. They may get caught in crime, used as illegal workers or they might have to prostitute themselves.”

Diagnosis for passive children
Children with symptoms like resignation are currently invisible in statistics. Socialstyrelsen (the National Board of Health and Welfare) therefore proposes these passive children get diagnosed with a new code: “uppgivenhetssydrom”, or resignation syndrome, according to a report by Ekot. Depression, refusal to eat, or post-traumatic stress are some of the signs. Approximately 30 children however lack a proper diagnosis, which is why Socialstyrelsen wants the new code.

Emmaboda invests in burkinis
The locality of Emmaboda, Småland (population 4,824) wants to buy burkinis, the sort of swimsuits that cover the whole body except face, hands and feet, so all women can swim in the municipality’s pool. The idea comes from the Technology and Recreation Board; burkinis, it is thought, is a better idea than having certain hours set aside during which women who for religious reasons do not want to swim in the company of men. Said the board: “Women have the right to swim the way they otherwise present themselves—that is, fully clothed.” The proposal now moves to the municipal board.

The King has begun his Sweden tour
Sweden’s head of state, King Carl XVI Gustaf, and his wife Queen Silvia, have begun their tour of Sweden. Together they will visit all Sweden’s counties until the end of summer. “These trips are an amazing opportunity to get a gathered impression of the development and the future in all the different counties,” the King announced. It is 40 years since Carl Gustaf became king of Sweden, and there will be plenty of celebrations. “It is good to have memorable years. It is a platform on which you can look forward, but it is also a place from which you can look back in time,” he said in an interview published on the Royal Swedish Court’s website. It was a young regent who came to the throne in 1973—Carl Gustaf was only 27—and much has happened to the country since then. “I think the court has more transparency today. There’s been an enormous change, and the process of change continues all the time. The role of the Head of State is written into the constitution,” he continued in the interview. The royal couple recently landed at Oskarshamn’s airport, where they were greeted by the county governor. Their tour will continue until August 20, when Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia will be in Örebro. He said, “We hope to meet as many people as possible. Women and men, young and old, new and old Swedes, all of whom help in shaping our country.” For more: