Embarrassing when nobody hits 'like'
What does Swedish teenage girls find embarrassing? According to an article in daily Metro citing a study, sending a text message to the wrong person is embarrasing, as is writing a status update on Facebook and have nobody hit the ”like” button. Of course, mom and dad are mortifying. This information comes from a study in which close to 900 Swedish girls were polled. One girl, Frida Jansson, 16 years old, says: ”One time I accidentally sent a cutesy little text to my boss. I called in sick after that, it was so embarrassing.” Maria Bäckman, lecturer at Stockholm University, explains: ”In a group in which one experiences the social control as something important, some matters become more sensitive. During the teenage years, it’s plausible that it’s a bit extra difficult to act in ways that are expected.” The study was conducted by the analysis company Easy Research, as commissioned by MTV.

Oskarshamn – among the worst
The nuclear reactor Oskarshamn 1 has been named one of the worst reactors in the world, according to Ny Teknik. For close to two years, it has been inactive, the reason being many mistakes were made and there have been problems in the past years. In an international ranking, Oskarshamn 1 places 105 among the 108 worst nuclear reactors, however this placement has nothing to do with safety, but rather efficiency. The reactor has only produced 61.3% of the electricity it should have produced had it been in operation from the start until 2012. Serious faults such as cracks in the feedwater system, and a pressure turbine which was close to crashing, put a stopper on production in reactor 1. Since December last year, Strålskyddsmyndigheten (the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority), has had the reactor under special supervision. In spite of that, Eon, the majority owner, has no plans to close the reactor – instead tomorrow it will be restarted. ”There are no plans for an early closing,” writes Almut Zywecj at Eon Kernkraft in Germany in Ny Teknik.

Lund University best in Sweden
Lund has risen to 67th place in the 2013 QS World University Rankings, which was released earlier this week. The same ranking puts Uppsala University as number 79, and KTH (Kungliga Teknologiska Högskolan or The Royal Institute of Technology) as 118. The rankings are based on six criteria: Academic reputation (40%), employer reputation (10%), research citations (20%), student-to-faculty ratio (20%), international faculty ratio (5%) and international student ratio (5%). For more information: http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings

Twitter success: Reinfeldt's love story
A 14 year old girl's fantasies about what a love story with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt might look like, has become an Internet success. Imagine you’re dating the Swedish Prime Minister. According to Ebba Bogfors’ twitteraccount @imaginereinfeldt, perhaps it would look something like this: ”You: ’Aw, Reinfeldt, the Christmas tree is so pretty!’ Reinfeldt: ’Not as pretty as you’” Or if you were bickering with each other: ”Imagine you fought with your boyfriend Reinfeldt but suddenly the door rings… ’Baby forgive me’” Or, as in one of the most popular tweets: ”Imagine you say ’Reinfeldt, what are we doing tonight’ and he just responds with ”, followed by a picture of the Prime Minister, blinking one eye. ”I’ve always had the sort of humor that’s bordering on what’s suitable. Imaginereinfeldt is just one of the many things I’ve come up with, the difference is that this was just so funny, I simply had to share it,” says 14-year old Ebba Bogfors.

Looked for spirits – ended up at hospital
First, police thought they were some really clumsy copper thieves, the guys who early in the morning on Wednesday fell down from the roof of the Lindblomska chapel in Ronneby. But it turned out the two, a man and a woman in their 40’s, had climbed up just to get in touch with spirits. The woman had to be taken to the hospital, but was without serious injuries. There were two other people in the group as well. ”They had brought beer with them. I am therefore a little unsure how it went with their spirit quest,” says Blekinge Police Chief Kurt-Erik Gunnarsson to bltsydostran.se All criminal charges have been dismissed.