Sweden’s best dressed man
A male recording artist has gotten a well-dressed start in his career. Yesterday he - Kim Cesarion - became Sweden’s best dressed man 2013, chosen by the magazine Café. “This is great, absolutely amazing. I’ve always been interested in clothes, but I don’t follow trends and I don’t know what’s in right now. For sure I wear a lot of suits, but I like to match more dressy pieces with street wear and like to wear what I feel comfortable in,” Cesarion says. “I vary myself a lot, and nobody should be able to go into a store to buy a Kim Cesarion outfit. We Swedes are great at basic clothes, but we ought to be a bit more adventurous and not just dress like everyone else.” Cesarion, who was born in Sweden but who is of Swedish, Greek, and Guadeloupean descent, is a classically trained musician who plays a number of instruments such as violin, piano, and bass. His most known song so far is “Undressed”. Sweden’s best dressed woman 2013, also according to the magazine Café, is Carina Berg, a popular TV host with a sure sense of style. Among other winners were Cartsen Almqvist, CEO at TV4, and actor Fares Fares. Listen to some of Cesarion's music here: www.kimcesarion.com (The classically trained performer fuses Swedish pop with RnB. We don't know about the dressing bu the music works for us. /Ed.)

More optimists in Sweden
For the first time in more than two years, there are more op timists than pessimists in Sweden. This according to a study on the households’ economic expectations made by Skop, an independent, family-owned group of companies that works with marketing and opinion surveys.

Lagerkvist award goes to Eva Ström
Daily Kristianstadsbladet reports that author and culture writer Eva Ström is the recipient of this year’s Pär Lagerkvist award (100,000 SEK or $15,800). “Cool,” said Ström, when she received the news. The literary prize was instituted in 2011 by Växjö municipality in honor of the Swedish writer and Nobel Prize recipient Pär Lagerkvist (1891-1974). In the jury’s motivation, Ström’s and Lagerkvist’s motifs were compared: “Eva Ström’s books span several genres and are carried by a precise and beautiful language. Her writing revolves around issues such as faith, disbelief, and oppression, issues that also created some of Pär Lagerkvist’s strongest texts”. Ström says to Kristianstadsbladet that her connection to Lagerkvist is both long and personal, she says she read many of his books when she was young, and though she liked novels such as “Dvärgen” (“The Dwarf”) and “Barbabbas” (“Barabbas”), it was his poetry she felt the most for. “He has a simplicity in his language, but at the same time he deals with the big issues such as life, death, and the meaning of life. Issues we encounter in our teens, and then carry with us throughout life. I even put some of his poems to music. Well, you know, in a very amateurish way, but I felt there was something about his texts that could be sung.”

ADHD in the elderly?
Health care professionals have a hard time discovering signs of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in the elderly. Half of the 1,500 persons aged 65-80 who felt that they had suffered ADHD as children, still had signs of the disorder, signs that were possible to diagnose after specially designed tests. All according to a study from Göteborg University. Psychologist Taina Guldberg-Kjär says health care professionals must become better at discovering these symptoms among the elderly. The appropriate treatment will lessen their difficulties in coping with everyday life.