Demanding new water authority
After reports that the hormone-disrupting substance Bisphenol A may be found in refurbished pipes in some 3,000 apartments, the trade organization Svenskt Vatten demands a new water authority be established.

Skarsgård, Jankell and August—not necessarily helpful
The fifth Skarsgård, actor Thorsten Flinck’s daughter and Bille and Pernilla August’s daughter all are actors in a new film called ”IRL” (In Real Life). The film is about evil among teenagers in a world of social media. The actors: Valter Skarsgård (17), Happy Jankell (19) and Alba August (20) talk about how having a famous last name isn’t necessarily helpful. ”I think all this obsession with the family is silly,” says Valter Skarsgård, who plays the lead Elias. Valter is the youngest of Stellan and My Skarsgård’s acting brood, in which Alexander, Gustaf and Bill can also be found. Alba August also talks about the lack of hype from her parents: ”My parents are so very scared to influence me,” she says. ”So we don’t talk about it at all, which is very strange. If any other person had done a film, his or her family would talk about that a lot, but not with me. I think it’s because they want to keep me grounded.” Happy Jankell is the daughter of famous, troubled actor Thorsten Flinck and Swedish television host Annika Jankell. She says the theater was the place where she could meet her father: ”My mom has always been good at keeping us away from what’s difficult with having a father who at times is off to wrong places. Since I didn’t grow up with my father, it became a way for my sister and I to be with him, coming to the theater with him. I discovered a world of fantasy there,” she says.

Three out of four live with their parents
In Sweden there are 1.9 million children who live in 1.1 million families. Three of four children live with their original parents. Among those children who do not live with both parents, seven out of ten have their other parent within 31 miles.