Russian bombers practicing in Sweden
Russian bombers recently executed offensive drills at the southern tip of Öland. During two hours, attacks against Sweden, Poland and the Baltic countries were practiced with five planes, two of which were bombers. The Swedish armed forces sent up two Swedish Gripen planes to mark attendance, but Minister for Defense Karin Enström sees no immediate threat from Russia.

Moms more often sick
The risk of a mother getting sick after she gives birth to her second child is double that of the father’s risk. This according to an article in daily Dagens Nyheter, which points to several new studies from Socialdepartementet (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs). To some degree, the results go against the research that was the basis for the studies, and which showed it was after the birth of the first child that the differences between the genders were the greatest. ”This is a dramatic change,” says Ulf Kristersson, Minister for Social Security.