The Swedish passport is the most accepted
What's the best passport to travel with in order to get visa free access to as many countries as possible? You guessed it: The Swedish passport. Citizens of Sweden, Finland and the UK held the best passports for global travel last year, with visa-free access to 173 countries. People with American passports had access to 172 countries. If you want to know what countries didn’t fare so well, check out the Visa Restrictions Index.

Area codes disappear
Post och telestyrelsen (the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) has decided to follow the number plans of the future and remove all area codes. This means the fixed network in difference areas will disappear and the same numbers will be used for fixed as well as mobile services. The board expects the transition to take over 10 years to complete.

Legal profession most popular
A legal professional ('jurist') is the most coveted education in Sweden at the moment. The number of people appyling for colleges and universities are increasing for the seventh year in a row, and apart from studying to become a ”jurist,” becoming a doctor is also popular—and much needed as Sweden is in dire need of medical doctors.

Picasso sold
An oil painting by Picasso (1881-1973) was recently sold for 13,250,000 SEK ($2 million) at Bukowskis. With commission added on top, the selling price became over 16 million SEK ($2.4 million). The title of the painting is ”Paysage méditteranéen,” painted by Picasso in 1963 in France.