Gösta Ekman 2014 Piraten Award recipient
This year’s recipient of the ”Piratenpriset,” the Piraten Award, is actor Gösta Ekman. The Piratenpriset has been awarded every year since 1989 in memory of author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten. The price sum is 100,000 SEK ($15,000). The motivation reads: "If a good laugh prolongs life, then he has prolonged our lives several times.”

Dyslexia in Sweden
Around 400,000 Swedes (5 percent) have dyslexia. Six to 8 percent of all Swedes have some form of reading and writing difficulties. Seventy percent of Swedish primary schools that were investigated by Skolinspektionen (the Swedish Schools Inspectorate), were also found to not live up to the Education Act’s demand of special support for students in need. Among high schools, the equivalent percentage is 82. Of those students with some type of disability, 16 percent get bullied, as compared with 6 percent of those students who do not have disabilities.

97 hackers, one a Swede
Police in 16 countries, among them the U.S., Canada, France and Germany, have arrested 97 persons suspected in connection to spying software. The suspects are in one way or other connected to the online company Blackshades, either as employees or customers. The software, Blackshades Remote Access Tool, lets someone hack into your computer and access documents, record keystrokes and activate the webcam. The software is activated when someone clicks on a malicious link, often from social networking sites. This then initiates a download of the software. One of the 97 suspects is a Swede.