Swedish “Boom” gets ready to explode in U.S.
The Sept. 30 release of Laleh’s latest album is set for impact in America. Iranian-born Swedish singer Laleh (La-ley) Pourkarim has been cutting albums in Europe for about 10 years to great acclaim. Now, America is listening for the launch of “Boom,” Laleh’s debut album in the U.S. The music of this EP, which Time magazine describes as having "dreamy piano chords, hypnotizing harmonies and a simple dance beat,” comes after several Swedish Grammys, a 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert and top-selling solo albums. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Laleh entered the music industry in 2005 with her self-titled debut album that peaked at number one in Sweden and went on to become the highest selling album of the year. “Boom,” which Laleh says translates messages of joy and tragedy through song, was released on the Island Records label.

They're nuts about the change
The news that Swedes’ favorite chocolate confection will take its turn and be replaced by another flavor has been received with dismay across the country. “It has stirred up emotions … in a way, it is wonderful and shows how loved this product is,” says candy marketing manager Jonas Magnusson. The uproar is about the "trillingnöt" (hazelnut) in the favored box of mixed chocolates known as Marabou's Aladdin. It has been a tradition, very desirable on special occasions and Christmas. Over the years the Aladdin box has had 50 changes to its contents, but this year, as it reaches its 75th anniversary, they’re celebrating: “We are updating the design,” says Magnusson, “which comes with a commemorative box, and then bringing in two new exciting chocolates which feel more modern.” During this past year, Aladdinasken's Facebook fans could vote for their new dream confection, and the winner was "hallonlakrits" (raspberry licorice) — which is what’s replacing the trillingnöt. The second new flavor is a gourmet elderflower chocolate, replacing the less popular cherry liqueur.