You probably need more sleep
A new study out of the Stress Research Institute of Stockholm University shows that sleep problems among Swedes have doubled during the last 30 years. Men and women both complain of more sleep problems, but young women, ages 16 to 24, show the greatest increase with problems, rising from around 8 percent to 26 percent. According to Helena Schiller, a PhD student at the Stress Research Institute, the reason lies in part with a changing way of life. “It's about a 24-hour society which allows you to stay connected around the clock and globalization that blurs the day and night.” It isn’t uncommon for everyone to experience trouble sleeping from time to time, but the increase in perpetual problems is troubling, especially since a lack of sleep can lead to depression, physical and cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Since 1985, the number of men reporting sleep problems has increased from 10 to 20 percent; for women it’s increased from 15 to 30 percent. The fact that more women are experiencing concerns is believed to depend on several things: the stress of balancing private and professional lives; hormones related to menstruation, childbirth and menopause; a physical requirement for more sleep than men.

Swede is surprise star in song competition
Tommy Krångh stole the spotlight in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen in March, but it’s not for his singing — it’s because of his signing. His amazing, energetic interpretations of songs into Swedish Sign Language have gone viral. “He spreads the energy and joy,” said Swedish television’s project manager Håkan Björklund. The project, which brought five sign language interpreters to the song contest in an effort to reach a broader audience, has gained international acclaim through Krångh’s talent. Each of the interpreters has acting talent, but Krångh has something extra that has the world watching. “Tommy Krångh has the ability to convey emotions with his whole body … a further artistic interpretation of the songs," said Nina Funke, managing editor of SVT Sign Language. Find a sample of Krångh's amazing abilities on YouTube here: Tommy Krångh - Medley (Melodifestivalen 03.14.2015)

Zelmerlöw Sweden’s contribution
Måns Zelmerlöw won this year’s Swedish music competition with the song "Heroes" in March. Zelmerlöw, known from the summer’s Skansen singing, was the year’s absolute favorite, and the popular performer withstood the pressure and emerged victorious. Now everyone is talking about him as the favorite for the main event, the Eurovision Song Contest. Even in Vienna everyone is talking about him as a favorite to win the contest. “Everyone seems to see Sweden as a favorite along with any other country, but it is always different countries mentioned, such as Estonia and Italy, depending on the region the person comes from. There seems to be no other contribution that gathers all,” said Christer Björkman, in charge of the Swedish group going to Vienna this year. The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest begins with semifinals on May 19. For more info, see Eurovision Song Contest, Vienna 2015 The song: Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest