Sleeping 500 feet above Stockholm
Travel site Airbnb has organized some spectacular lodging opportunities around the world, and the latest is no exception: A hotel room has been made in a gondola of Stockholm's Ericsson Globe Arena — close to 500 feet (130 meters) in the air. On June 29, two people can stay overnight in one of the gondolas, usually used for viewing the city, which will be converted into a hotel room and parked on top of the Globe's roof. The gondola's nine square meters will become a bedroom 130 meters above sea level, with views in all directions. The winner of the contest Airbnb also gets a tour of the arenas in the area, a three-course dinner, a surprise concert for two in Tele2 Arena and breakfast in bed. The Globe, completed in 1989, is the world's largest spherical building with space for 16,000 visitors. In 2010, two round gondolas were installed to move on cables to the top of building and the view it offers. Guests should be assured there is no risk that the hotel room could move in the middle of the night. However, use of bathroom facilities will require a special procedure.

Kalix red gold gets blue eco-label
On June 5, Kalix Löjrom made headlines for receiving its world class certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as sustainable seafood. The MSC-certification is proof that Kalix's "red gold" roe is harvested in a safe, intelligent process with care for the marine environment. It is the first Swedish product, and the first fishing of its kind in the world to receive such certification. "We want the MSC certification to demonstrate that we are fishing sustainably, which is important today with the growing interest in environmental issues," says Folke Spegel, project manager for the Norrbotten Coastal Fiskareförbund. Kalix Löjrom is the designation of the roe of the small salmonid fish species vendace "Bleak" (Coregonus albula), harvested specifically from the Bothnian Bay. It is a species of freshwater whitefish found in lakes in northern Europe, and in the diluted brackish water in the Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia, both of which are part of the Baltic Sea. The roe from fish there has a deep yellowish-red color that distinguishes Kalixlöjrom from roe produced elsewhere, both in Sweden and abroad. It is an exclusive product, fetching about SEK 1,500 per kilo ($400 per pound) and heeding the nickname "Kalix red gold."

Swedish band fired by Americans
Swedish heavy metal band Entombed A.D. has been fired from the U.S. tour it started about a week ago with Deicide, Hate Eternal and Black Crown Initiate. It wasn't clear why the Americans fired the Swedes, but with 11 dates left on the tour, they were removed from the schedule and tour posters. Formerly known as just Entombed, recent years of turmoil have produced changes in the Swedish band, apparently causing lingering unrest that others from the tour claimed caused "too much crying and whining about things." And so the Swedes are headed back to Sweden.

Stockholm food cart has unusual clientele
Food carts are gaining popularity in cities around the globe. And one particular cart in Stockholm, Sweden is getting particular attention for the cuisine it's selling to a very special clientele: dogs. It's growing in popularity quickly, in part because the cart moves to different locations, including Djurgården and around Nytorget, but mainly because "dogs follow their owners everywhere and live a socially active life on the go," according to a press release. The smells emanating from the cart may be all the advertising it needs to attract customers, though what they are selling may sound more like it's for their trend-sensitive humans — natural Swedish ingredients, carefully prepared, healthy — but it's natural and fresh, and dogs love it. So far Swedish ox is what's on the menu, but test kitchens are working on adding cod in case any pooch may be a so-called Stockholm vegetarian or just want variety. "Dogs are like people, they do not eat pork every day," says Magnus Rosengren, CEO and founder of Wonderboo, the cart owner and retailer specializing in natural pet food and products in Stockholm. In addition to selling products in their store at Norrmalmstorg, customers can also get home delivery, and their ox is on the menu at a number of dog friendly pubs.