Swedish journalist status still unknown
(World) A United Nations expert has called on Eritrea’s government to reveal the fate of Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak who was arrested with a group of government officials and journalists in Eritrea 15 years ago. Their status has never been disclosed. Attorney General Anders Perklev believes an investigation would counteract a possible release of Isaak.

Threats from Russia raise security concerns
(National) An increased threat level from Russia has raised security concerns in Sweden, however, the nature and the content of the threat is reported as classified. In early September, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist spoke regarding the worsening security situation, and on Sept. 14 Swedish Armed Forces were ordered to remain in Gotland to secure a permanent military presence on the island, and increasing the military presence from 150 to 1500 is likely.

Prime Minister Löfven in NYC
(World) Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is in New York City for this year's annual UN General Assembly and a second meeting on the refugee situation. Meanwhile, New York finds itself under high police alert after the weekend’s explosions in which 29 people were injured.