Extensive coverage of U.S. election
(World) Today is the day, and news publications and media centers in Sweden are heavy with election day coverage from the U.S. SVT has a crew in Florida and are reporting live. Newspapers and news websites in Sweden are reporting speculation, forecasts and trepidation. Swedish TV4 and TV4 Play

Christmas shopping expected to break records
(National) HUI Research predicts a strong holiday for retail sales with expected growth of 3.5 percent. Last year saw the strongest growth since 2009. From January through September of 2016, growth was 3.6 percent of total retail sales with grocery sales increasing by 2.6 percent and consumer sales up by 4.4 percent. Elgiganten

Mensa shows Sweden's smartest cities
(Culture) Residents of Lund have bragging rights as they are living in the smartest city in Sweden, according to Mensa. Sweden has the fourth largest Mensa society in the world with 5500 members. Other Swedish cities considered highly intelligent are Solna, Täby and Linköping. Additional cities on the top 10 list are Stockholm, Lomma, Knivsta, Uppsala, Danderyd and Vellinge. The oldest Mensa member in Sweden is 84 while the youngest a mere 6 years old. Lund; home to Sweden's smartest?

Ancient rock carvings in Tanum
(Culture) The rock carvings at Vitlycke on Sweden's west coast are among the best known archeological findings in Sweden. One can now study the 3000-year-old rock carvings and drawings, enhanced with 3D technology, online. These petroglyphs — one of the two basic types of rock art — have attracted visitors from all over the world. The images display ships, animals and wedding ceremonies, and were probably begun around 1800 B.C. with additional drawings added by priests and priestesses every May 1. You can learn more about these drawings and the project to document all 5000 images by visiting the Vitlycke Museum or downloading the Empire of the Sun app. www.vastsverige.com/en/tanum/b/49993/Vitlycke-museum-Tanum-World-heritage

Christmas host for SVT
(Holiday) This Christmas, Sanna Nielson will bring in the holiday as Swedes settle down for Donald Duck and the traditional SVT Christmas Eve broadcast. Nielson is a Swedish singer and television presenter who won Melodisfestivalen in 2014 with the song Undo. She also represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in 2014. Albin Olsson via Wikimedia Commons