Teddy bear hospital opens in Örebro
(Lifestyle) “Nallesjukhuset" (Winnie's Hospital) opened in Örebro on Nov. 20 in an attempt to ease children’s fears of doctors and medical care. By encouraging children to bring in their stuffed animals for routine care, IFMSA (The International Federation of Medical Students) hopes that going to the doctor will not seem so scary for children and will encourage a lifetime of wellness awareness.

Stockholm ranks high for digital entrepreneurs
(National) After London, Stockholm has been ranked the number two city for people working as digital entrepreneurs. The ranking, conducted by the European Digital City Index, provides an indication of conditions and benefits required for successful businesses in the digital age. Amsterdam, Helsinki and Paris also rank highly.

Stockholm Santa Run
(National) For the third year, the Stockholm Santa Run is scheduled to fill the streets with hundreds of people running for charity in Santa suits. The December 11 event has been organized by Kiana Moberg, formerly from London, hoping to popularize charity fundraising in Sweden. This year’s proceeds will go to the Red Cross, the Aktivis Foundation for children with special needs, and the Swedish Children’s Cancer Foundation.

New research for fighting periodontal disease
(Science) Researchers at Örebro University are working on new methods for identifying and treating periodontal disease. It is estimated that 40 to 50 percent of the adult Swedish population suffers from the disease but few realize it. New technology could identify specific substances formed between the teeth and measure enzyme activity. In addition, the project seeks to find new methods (other than penicillin) to medicate against the bacterial infection.

Neo-Nazi group dramatically increases in number
(National) The numbers of members organized by the neo-Nazi group, Nordic Resistance Movement, has recently doubled, according to Jonathan Leman, researcher at Expo Foundation. The group’s latest demonstration on November 12 gathered twice as many people as the demonstration held in the spring. Activities attempting to recruit new members have also increased as the group spreads propaganda and divisiveness. Leman attributes this increase to the group attempting to piggy back on the rhetoric coming from the U.S. following the presidential election.