2016 ultimate Christmas gift revealed
(Holiday) Each year, HUI Research decides on the ultimate and trendy Christmas gift. This year’s gift has been selected, and the big announcement for the must-have gift reveals that VR goggles are going to be under many Christmas trees. VR glasses allow the user to create a virtual reality when connected to a computer or mobile device taking you to far away places or allowing a realistic user experience for gaming. According to HUI, the glasses have many uses — from school to work to leisure — and could provide benefits at the doctor’s office, retail shops and larger corporations. The yearly Christmas gift chosen by HUI must meet three criteria: It must be a novelty, it should have a high sales volume, and reflect the times we live in.

Millions of Swedish accounts hacked
(National) Approximately 10 million Swedish accounts have been leaked. Details of usernames, emails and passwords from major sites are posted on various online forums for sale or shared access, SVT reveals. With the help of Dan Egerstad, former hacker-turned IT security, the database includes the accounts of politicians, security service and journalists, as well as smaller lifestyle, film and gaming accounts. SVT has created a site where you can check to see if your account has been hacked: https://dold.svt.se/

Madeleine’s NY apartment sold
(Real Estate) Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neil have sold their apartment in New York. How much the apartment sold for is unknown. The princess couple presently resides in London with their children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas.

Sweden on alert after Danish bird flu
(National) An outbreak of bird flu in neighboring Denmark has caused Sweden to raise its alert level for poultry. According to the Swedish board of Agriculture, the level has been raised to 2 on a scale of 3 as a precaution and all poultry should be kept indoors. The H5N8 bird flu was detected at a poultry farm in northern Denmark.

Nobel Laureate warns of scientific brain drain via Trump
(Science) This year’s Nobel laureate in chemistry, Fraser Stoddart, warns that Trump policies could result in a scientific brain drain similar to the UK during the Thatcher era when British universities were affected by reduced funding and support. Stoddart states that "science is global and we must be able to recruit the best researchers from around the world. There is concern that it may be harder to get a visa to the U.S. which would affect the entire scientific community.” Trump has stated that he does not believe in climate research and VP to-be Mike Pence is skeptical of evolution. Rhetoric expert Elaine Eksvärd fears that Trump policies have already affected the Swedish debate on climate change, reports SVT.