Gavle Christmas goat already in flames
(Culture) Gävle's Christmas Goat, Gävlebocken, didn’t last long this year as the 13-meter-tall straw goat was set ablaze within hours after its 50th year anniversary celebration on Nov. 27, it's first official day in the city center. Despite high security, arson is suspected. Click here for more on the straw goat's record breaking history

Lars Vilks sculpture destroyed
(Culture) Not only the goat has burned. Nimis, the driftwood sculpture in southern Sweden created by Swedish artist Lars Vilks has partly been destroyed in a suspected arson attack. Culture and Democracy Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke has called the attack a threat to freedom of expression and democracy. Lars Vilks is best known for his cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in 2007 which made him the target of Islamic groups and extremists. He presently lives under police protection.

Counties fail to meet housing requirement
(National) Local counties and municipalities in Sweden are expected to provide for a quota of refugees who have been granted residence permits, but one in six councils do not meet even half the housing needs necessary to fill their quotas, leaving many refugees to arrange their own housing.

Alcohol to blame for rise in cancer deaths
(Science) Alcohol related deaths are on the rise in Sweden. A new report by the University of Gothenburg shows that every year nearly 1,000 Swedes die of cancer from alcohol. The most common type of alcohol related cancer for women is breast cancer, and for men cancer of the colon and rectum. Higher alcohol consumption among the population is to blame for the increase.

Silverfish threaten National Archives
Silverfish are threatening several places within the National Archives in Marieberg where books, documents and periodicals from the 1600, 1700 and 1800s are stored. The situation is acute in a rarity chamber, however infestation is within the entire library.