Swedish population reaches 10 million
(National) Today, Friday, January 20, at 7:47 a.m., Sweden became a country with 10 million inhabitants, according to Statistics Örebro. Reasons for the increase are hard to decipher due to various delays in reports of births or new residents, but calculations show the population is growing by one new resident every minute. Sweden reached the nine million mark in 2004, and as of 2010 wasn't expected to reach 10 million until 2021, but the population has increased faster than expected.

Löfven reacts to announcement to bring down government
(National) Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has come out against the Moderate Party’s announcement on Jan. 19 that it is willing to topple the government. The conservative Moderate Party is Sweden’s biggest opposition party and is comprised of the Alliance, Center Party, the liberals, and the Christian Democrats. Commenting on Kinberg Batra’s announcement, Löfven stated “We face great challenges, and political instability is not helpful.” He added that Kinberg Batra seems to have “lost her political compass.”

Human Rights March in Stockholm
(World) Women’s marches will be held in 160 cities across Europe, as well as in the U.S. and Sweden’s capital. The march is an international solidarity movement in support of human rights. Organized in Stockholm by Lotta Kuylenstjerna, the march is to support people in the U.S. who have reacted against Trump’s rhetoric against women and minorities. “The hopelessness felt over the outcome of the election has inspired people to take action and say ‘This is not ok. This is not what we want,’” Kuylenstjerna told Swedish Radio. Demonstrations are also planned to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump. The left-wing network, Rött Forum, has labeled January 21 ‘Anti-Trump Day’ and will be demonstrating at Sergel’s Torg in Stockholm with hope for seeing America as a positive role model.

Avalanches and wind threaten transit
(National) The Transport Administration has issued warnings that disruptions in both road and rail traffic will affect northern Sweden due to snowstorms and avalanches. Trains are canceled and E10 is shut down between Björkliden and the Norwegian border. The Environmental Protection Agency expects avalanches on the steep eastern slopes and recommends that individuals not stay in threatening areas.