Sweden wins 2017 ice hockey worlds
In a very close and exciting game, Sweden dethroned two-time defending champion Canada to win the world hockey championship 2-1 on May 21. Two shootout goals helped the Tre Kronor win their first International Ice Hockey Federation title since 2013 and prevent Canada from a three-peat. It was Sweden's 10th world championship win since 1953,

Diver finds 200-year-old ship
A shipwreck was found in an inlet near Karlskrona in southern Sweden, when a diver, who spends his time looking for deep sea wrecks, happened upon what is believed to be a vessel that was deliberately sunk almost 200 ago. The practice of sinking ships to avoid enemy detection has turned up surprising finds and may help historians explain how maritime defense was conducted centuries ago.

Big George has died
The beloved toucan from Rotterdam that came to live at Gothenburg’s Universeum, has died after complications from an illness. The bird, born in 2012, was expected to live many more years as most toucans average a 20-year life span. His mate, Georgina, is now alone; the time she normally would spend with Big George is being spent with Universeum visitors instead. Staff hope to soon find a new partner toucan for Georgina who misses Big George very much.

Girls outrank boys in Swedish schools
For a country that prides itself on equality, the results of the latest series of tests regarding student performance is causing concern, according to reports on May 17. Both in curriculum and in the softer skills like “kindness,” girls outperform boys. Some say this has nothing to do with actual intellectual ability and more to do with girls knowing how to adapt to the school environment in ways that put them in better graces with teachers.

Senior citizens start podcast
Stina Andersson, 96, and Birgit Lindholm, 86, have started a podcast. “A little chat with Stina and Brigit” was the idea of 18-year-old Julia Sunnerberg, the project manager for ABF, an organization that gathers people together in much the same way as community centers operate in the States. Julia noticed that Stina and Birgit were always talking. She paired them up and their conversations were non-stop. Thinking it would be a great idea to record them, she introduced the idea of a podcast. Stina and Birgit said yes, and now they record their chats and cover topics that they said they’d never have spoken of when they were younger. Watch a clip of Stina and Birgit here: www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vast/birgit-och-stina-gor-podcast