The first forest “gold” found in Sweden
It’s that time of the year when mushroom hunters forage the Swedish forest for gold: the coveted Chanterelle mushroom. The first chanterelles were picked on Sweden's west coast already a week ag. Swedes are so devoted to their “svamparna” that they even have a website ( to see where the gold has been found. It also includes a map of the entire country that identifies where to find other types of mushrooms as well.

Zlatan on Forbes' list
In Forbes' annual list of the year's 100 highest paid celebrities and their earnings, Swedish soccer sensation Zlatan Ibrahimović comes in at number 100 for making $32 million. He is part of a list that shows there is still a huge disparity between men and women and the money they earn: There were 84 men and only 16 women who earned spots is this list of highest best-paid performers in the world. Sean "Diddy" Combs, J.K. Rowling and Beyoncé made the most money in the last year.

Use money-saving apps with caution
As part of the digital revolution that Sweden is embracing with open arms, some warn that the plethora of apps aimed at helping people track their expenses and save their money might pose more risk than they realize. Part of downloading and using an app, especially from a third party, might actually open up your personal financial details and expose you to potential harm. Also, if the third party apps you use don’t have proper security measures in place, using them along with your existing apps from your other accredited financial institutions may disqualify any protection you might have had through them. Before you download any banking apps, Swedes are encouraged to make sure they’re not giving away access to unprotected sources.

Pensioner peace protestors
Two protestors, who have spent more than 30 years supporting peace efforts, have proved age is not a barrier to standing up for what you believe in. Gun-Britt Mäkitalo, 70, and Edla Lantto, 74, sneaked into a training facility in Luleå on June 10 to stop a military exercise, crawled under a fence and unfurled a protest banner they had made and sang, “We want peace now for all.” Watch them here:

Reinfeldt has new role
Former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is the new chair of the Security Commission, Trygghetskommissionen. As the first person to chair this independent commission comprised of eight members, Reinfeldt will help lead efforts to study the development of crime in Sweden. Stressing this is not an attempt to re-enter politics after he stepped away from formal work for his political party, Reinfeldt instead hopes to work with the commission as they tackle important issues regarding crime and security in Sweden.