Okay maybe you have heard this before, but our busy lives make us forget the simple things. So, allow yourself to be happy, and keep these tips in mind:

1. Trust your gut.
Listen to your instinct; when you trust your intuition, your intuition gets even brighter!


2. Do what you are good at.
Find out what you are good at and stick with it. Find your unique strengths and build upon them; stop focusing on your weaknesses, which only holding you back.

3. Let go.
We can only do so much, and there is only so much within our control. The faster we accept that and let go, and happier we will be. Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself.

4. Do something nice for someone.
Do the most simple thing, like hold a door or help someone with directions. Be more open-minded to new people, and stop being judgmental.

5. Be yourself.
You can't make everyone like you. By being real, you attract like-minded people, and soon you'll be engaged in great conversations with such people. Life is too short for pretending.

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Text: Hanna Aqvilin