Linnea Bengtsson, international business developer from Lidköpings Kommun in Rockford, IL.

Two completed houses built with assistance from construction students from De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidköping.

Five students and two teachers from De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidköping in Rockford building a Swedish Standard house.

Lidköping's office on the 2nd floor at Rockford City Hall, including an ergonomic work desk.

The local Rockford Lidköping car.

For more information, visit www.lidkoping.se/linneasblogg.

Erik Kinnhammar

A business agreement between Lidköping and Rockford brought Linnea Bengtsson, an international business developer from Lidköping Kommun to Rockford, IL, four years ago. Linnea gives us five signs of Lidköping in Rockford.